Vol. 3 (2018): Journal of Hellenistic Pottery and Material Culture

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The Journal of Hellenistic Pottery and Material Culture - JHP - was launched 2016 in Berlin, Germany, by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom, Patricia Kögler and Wolf Rudolph - specialists working in the field of Hellenistic material culture.

JHP is an independent learned journal dedicated to the research of ceramics and objects of daily use of the Hellenistic period in the Mediterranean region and beyond. It aims at bringing together archaeologists, historians, philologists, numismatists and scholars of related disciplines engaged in the research of the Hellenistic heritage.

JHP wants to be a forum for discussion and circulation of information on the everyday culture of the Hellenistic period which to date is still a rather neglected field of study. To fill this academic void the editors strive for a speedy and non-bureaucratic publication and distribution of current research and recent discoveries combined with a high quality standard. The journal appears annually in print and as a free online downloadable PDF.

Published: 16/11/2018