Vol. 6 No. 1 (2022)

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Table of Contents

Obituary: Agnès Spycket (1921-2022) – Nicole Chevalier

Tulul Kobeba: First results of survey and excavation at a looted early medieval ‘marsh Arab’ township in Dhi-Qar province, southern Iraq – St John Simpson

NBC 3171: A recarved Old Babylonian/ Kassite seal – Agnete W. Lassen and Enrique Jiménez

Some remarks on the beheading iconography from the lands between the Taurus and Greater Caucasus – Roberto Dan and Andrea Cesaretti

The cat, a hidden pet in Mesopotamia? Tablet 45 of Šumma alu and a method to identify this feline – Laura Battini

Published: 27/06/2022