Groma is an open access peer-reviewed e-journal of the Department of History and Cultures (DISCI) of the University of Bologna focusing on the different methodologies applied to archaeology.

Particular attention is paid to Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.

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Vol. 6 (2021)

The sixth volume of the open access journal Groma. Documenting Archaeology, of year 2021, collects contributes by the following authors:

Michele Abballe, Sonia Antonelli, Rosy Binco, Stefano Bordoni, Sara Bossi, Chaira Casolino, Marco Cavalazzi, Federica Carbotti, Maria Teresa D'Alessio, Simona D'Archangelo, Fabio Fiori, Andrea Fiorini, Noemi Giovino, P. Haupt, Marco Moderato, Serge Occhietti, Voncent Ollive, Jean-Pierre Petit, Francesco Pizzimenti, D. Rieth, Dario Saggese, S. Schmit, Andreas Stinsky, Paolo Storchi, Frank Veremeulen.

Published: 2023-10-10

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