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Particular attention is paid to Mediterranean archaeology and to specific methodological aspects such as archaeological documentation and landscape archaeology.

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Vol. 7 (2022): Proceedings of Archeo.FOSS XV 2021 Open software, hardware, processes, data and formats in archaeological research

The seven volume of the open access journal Groma. Documenting Archaeology, of year 2022 publishes the proceedings of ArcheoFOSS XV 2021 International conference on open software, hardware, processes, data and formats in archaeological research. It is edited by Domizia D’Erasmo, Cristina Esteban Gonzalez, Paolo Rosati, Matteo Serpetti and Livia Tirabassi, and collects contributes by the following authors:

 Julian Bogdani, Filippo Brandolini, Michael Campeggi, Renzo Carlucci, Giorgia Dato, Valerio De Luca, Alessio Di Iorio, Andrea Di Iorio,  Javier Esclapés, Cristina Gonzales Esteban, Laia Fabregat, Philip Fayad, Martina Frau, Carolina Frías, Luca Forti, Elisa Ginoli, Giuseppe Guarino, Charilaos Maniatakis, Alejandro Martín, Allard W. Mees, Jaime Molina,  Javier Munoz, Valentina Oselini, Alexandros Paraskeuas, Luca Peyronel, Andrea Pezzotta, Guillem Domingo-Ribas, Paolo Rosati, Eugenio Saccà, Mónica Sánchez, Haris Saroglou, Νikolaos Schetakis, Alessandro Spadaro, Costantine Spyrakos, Daniel Tejerina, Florian Thiery, Agnese Vacca, Morgan Lemmer Webber


Published: 2024-01-29

An open source platform addressing structural stability risk assessment in historical centres

Renzo Carlucci, Charilaos Maniatakis, Philip Fayad, Andrea Di Iorio, Nikolaos Schetakis, Costantine Spyrakos, Haris Saroglou, Alessio Di Iorio, Alexandros Paraskeuas, Nikos Papadopoulos


From micro-regional to intra-site analysis: the GIS of the Italian Archaeological Expedition in the Erbil Plain (Kurdistan Region of Iraq)

Valentina Oselini, Michael Campeggi, Luca Forti, Elisa Ginoli, Andrea Pezzotta, Agnese Vacca, Luca Peyronel


The Roman Villa of l’Albir (Alicante, Spain). The use of Blender and the Extended Matrix in the virtual reconstruction

Jaime Molina, Javier Esclapés, Carolina Frías, Javier Munoz, Alejandro Martín, Mónica Sánchez, Laia Fabregat, Daniel Tejerina


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