Vol. 5 No. 2 (2021)

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Table of Contents

The Assyrian Stylized Tree: A Date Palm Plantation and Aššurnaṣirpal II’s Stemma – Norma Franklin

Mechanical Examination of Swords in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age – K. Kopanias, E. Vemou and K. Sidiropoulou

The first Bronze Age bull-headed lyre from south-east Arabia? Tantalising shell inlays from the third millennium BC (Umm an-Nar) site of al-Tikha, Sultanate of Oman – St J. Simpson

Appositive Semantic Classification in Sumerian Cuneiform and the Implementation of iClassifier – Gebhard J. Selz

Published: 28/11/2022