From clay to container

Roman pottery production at the Beukenbergweg, Tongeren (Belgium)


  • Roderick C.A. Geerts
  • Else Hartoch
  • Samantha Rekk
  • Fabienne Vilvorder
  • Johan Yans


Although it is well established that pottery was produced at Tongeren in the Roman period, remains thereof could never be investigated in detail. In the foregone decades several wasters and kiln structures have briefly been seen during construction works. In 2013 an area of 2 600 m2 was to be developed because of the enlargement of the VIIO Humaniora. On the northern part of the school location, at the Beukenbergweg, remains dating to the Roman period have been excavated amongst which was a potter’s workshop.  




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C.A. Geerts, R., Hartoch, E., Rekk, S., Vilvorder, F., & Yans, J. (2017). From clay to container: Roman pottery production at the Beukenbergweg, Tongeren (Belgium). Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautorum Acta, 44, 341–349. Retrieved from