Documenting the traditional architecture of Khatbah village in Saudi Arabia (poster)


  • Aisha Alshehri


Khatbah village, traditional architecture, architectural features, building materials, historic buildings documentation


Saudi Arabia is known for its diversity of culture, environment, and architecture. Khatbah village is situated in a valley, in the mountainous south-western province of ʿAsīr. Accordingly, this environment determines the building materials, which are stone and local wood. This research paper focuses on building features and materials that reflect the environmental, social, religious, and security factors. These factors, however, are different from one region to another within ʿAsīr because of the changes in climatic conditions as well as the topography. The purpose of this poster is to document the traditional architecture of Khatbah village, including the main architectural features and materials used. Such research hopes to raise awareness and excite the interest of locals in the importance of maintaining their heritage and culture, especially as there is no previous documentation of Khatbah's architecture.


Abdulwahab I.S., Mamduh A.I., Mohammed M.A., Mohammed R.A., Mohammed S.M. & Osama M.A. 2010. Architecture heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Between authenticity and contemporaneity. Riyadh: Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.



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