Closing the gap: survey and excavation at Ibrāʾ, Sultanate of Oman


  • Jonas Kluge Goethe Universität Frankfurt


Ibrāʾ, Umm an-Nar, domestic architecture, copper processing, Archaeological survey, Ibrāʾ South


The newly discovered Early Bronze Age site of Ibrāʾ South at the southern outskirts of the modern town of Ibrāʾ offers a range of archaeological features dating to the Umm an‑Nar period. In this paper, the results of the first season of fieldwork conducted by the Goethe University Frankfurt are presented, including a detailed surface survey and finds collection as well as small-scale excavations of two domestic buildings. The site also allows a study of different functional zones within the settlement, among others an area of copper processing and systems of water management, as well as indications of a planned settlement layout.


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