An overview of archaeology and heritage in Qatar


  • Sultan Muhesen
  • Faisal al-Naimi
  • Ingolf Thuesen


This paper briefly summarizes the results of the fieldwork projects undertaken by the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA hereafter) in 2010-2011. The projects discussed include excavation and survey work by the Qatar Islamic Archaeology and Heritage Project at al-Zubārah, Freiha (al-Furayhah), Ruwaidah (al Ruwaydah), and Rubayqah; investigations in northern Qatar by the Qatar National Historic Environment Record project; excavations at Smaisma (Sumaysimah); and an assessment of the importance of a heritage protection programme in the old quarter of al-Asmakh, Doha.





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Muhesen, S., al-Naimi, F., & Thuesen, I. (2012). An overview of archaeology and heritage in Qatar. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 42, 223–233. Retrieved from

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