Dual principles and binary oppositions in Soqotri social and oral traditions


  • Vitaly Naumkin
  • Leonid Kogan


Soqotri, binary oppositions, oral literature, myths, tribal structure


This article seeks to provide a conceptual framework for the binary oppositions regularly met within the archaic stratum of Soqotri oral literature. An analysis of texts the authors have collected and translated, which possess a demonstrably mythological character leads to the conclusion that these oppositions function as an organizational principle, a matrix, for building the textual structure. The binary oppositions and duality of substances, objects, protagonists (humans and animals), and other elements can be compared to the duality-based social structure in a great number of Soqotran tribes, a structure reflected in their tribal legends. Three original Soqotri texts of a clearly mythological character that support this conclusion are included here.





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Naumkin, V., & Kogan, L. (2015). Dual principles and binary oppositions in Soqotri social and oral traditions. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 45, 199–205. Retrieved from https://archaeopresspublishing.com/ojs/index.php/PSAS/article/view/1279

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