About the Journal

An international peer-reviewed English-language journal specializing in synthetic articles and in long reviews, the Journal of Greek Archaeology appears annually each Autumn.

The scope of the journal is Greek archaeology both in the Aegean and throughout the wider Greek-inhabited world, from earliest Prehistory to the Modern Era. Thus we include contributions not just from traditional periods such as Greek Prehistory and the Classical Greek to Hellenistic eras, but also from Roman through Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman Greece and into the Early Modern period. Outside of the Aegean contributions are welcome covering the Archaeology of the Greeks overseas, likewise from Prehistory into the Modern World. Greek Archaeology for the purposes of the JGA thus includes the Archaeology of the Hellenistic World, Roman Greece, Byzantine Archaeology, Frankish and Ottoman Archaeology, and the Postmedieval Archaeology of Greece and of the Greek Diaspora.

The journal publishes one volume annually each Autumn, and incorporates original articles, research reviews and book reviews. Subscriptions are available in print and online. The journal is published by Archaeopress, Oxford.

Articles for submission to the journal as well as books for review should be sent to the General Editor at the following address:

Prof. J. Bintliff,
The Editor, JGA,
School of History, Classics & Archaeology, Edinburgh University, Teviot Place,
Edinburgh, EH8 9AG
United Kingdom

E-Mail: johnlbintliff@gmail.com

See the Submissions page for full details.