Submission Guide

Editorial Policy

Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology promotes interdisciplinary research focusing on the multiple relations between archaeology and contemporary society. The scope of the Journal is to engage with modern perspectives on antiquity linking past and present, fostering the interaction between archaeological theory and alternative frameworks developed in other related fields, such as history, anthropology, political sciences, philosophy, social sciences and colonial studies. Ex Novo areas of interests span from prehistory to modern times across the world and include politics and archaeology, public archaeology, the legacies of colonialism and nationalism within the discipline, the articulation between local and global archaeological traditions, the discipline’s involvement in memory and identity, museum studies and restitution issues.

The Ex Novo Editorial Board welcomes the submission of manuscripts on any subject within the abovementioned framework. Submissions that present new information, or break new theoretical ground are especially welcome, as are articles that deal with methodological issues, offer innovative approaches for interpretation of current theoretical, political and heritage issues connected to the discipline, or explore the interconnections between archaeological practice and the importance of the past in current society. In addition to articles, Ex Novo publishes comprehensive reviews of the state of the discipline, forums, book reviews, archaeological site and museum exhibition reviews.

Manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Board are reviewed by appropriate experts without exception. While Ex Novo Advisory Board members often serve as reviewers, manuscripts are also screened by outside experts.

Submitting a Paper

Publication Timeline

The approximate submission-to-publication schedule for Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology content is 11 to 13 months. Manuscripts submitted to Ex Novo will be held for review by the Editorial Panel. In order to speed up the process, we highly recommend to send a pre-submission inquiry at, including a title and an abstract of max 250 words by June of the current year. The first complete draft should be submitted by December of the current year. Papers will then undergo a double blind peer review process and – upon acceptance – will be inserted in the forthcoming issue. The earliest publication date will be December of the year following the first submission.

Categories of Manuscripts

Research Articles should be comprised between 4,500 and 7,000 words including references, notes and captions, max. 6–10 figures or tables.

Reports and Reviews are up to 2,500 words including references, notes and captions, max. 4-6 figures or tables.

For Visual Artworks contact M. Revello-Lami before submission.

Manuscript Submission

All files must be submitted as digital documents (ideally as ‘word.doc/docx’ in A4 format), font: Times New Roman 12, line spacing: 1.5 lines.

The text file should contain the following information (in the following order):

  • Title of contribution
  • Author(s) full name with affiliation and email address
  • Abstract (180 words)
  • Five keywords
  • Main text (including headings, subheadings and footnotes)
  • References
  • A separate list of illustration/table captions and credits (if applicable)

Manuscript Preparation

Deatailed preparation instructions can be read online here, or downloaded for offline use via this link.