Tutto l’ambaradan* intorno alla rimozione dei monumenti agli schiavisti: Critica (un po’) ragionata.

Statues; Slave trade; Cultural Heritage


  • Alessandro Pintucci




Statue removal, Slave trade, Cultural heritage


I’m writing this piece straight off, while in America and across the world riots are spreading following the death of George Perry Floyd, an African American man who died suffocated in Minneapolis after being brutally arrested and held on the ground by a policeman kneeling on his neck for the longest 9 minutes, for having paid a pack of cigarettes with a fake 20 dollar bill.

The wave of protest, which brought thousands of people across the United States to the streets, with violent clashes and even some casualties, quickly spread throughout the western world: the theme of police violence and racism against African American communities have perhaps irreversibly shaken public opinion, especially the part that has been fighting for years for a change that is hard to see.

In this small piece, I will not deal with the central question of this debate, being certain that I can only say obvious and banal things, but with my particular position on a related phenomenon, that of the removal, especially in Europe, of statues and symbols related to mythologized and heroic representation of people who have enriched themselves with the African slave trade.




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Pintucci, A. (2022). Tutto l’ambaradan* intorno alla rimozione dei monumenti agli schiavisti: Critica (un po’) ragionata.: Statues; Slave trade; Cultural Heritage. Ex Novo: Journal of Archaeology, 7, 65–75. https://doi.org/10.32028/exnovo-vol-7-pp.65-75

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