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Established in 2006 by the Association for Near Eastern and Caucasian Studies in corporation with Institute of Oriental Studies and Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (National Academy of Sciences of Armenia) AJNES is the only periodical in the Republic of Armenia devoted exclusively to the investigation of ancient and medieval cultures of the Near East and the Caucasus. Articles appearing in its pages are contributions of scholars of international reputation in history, archaeology, philology, art, religion and science. Archaeopress has been publishing the journal since Volume XI in 2017.

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Vol. 15 No. 1-2 (2021)
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Contents: The Paleolithic archaeology of Shirak Province and the open-air site of Aghvorik; Newly discovered Early and Middle Bronze Age tombs in Shirak, Armenia; On some Late Helladic migrants into Anatolia named in Hittite and Luwian sources, their migration to Iron Age Cilicia and their return to Greece in legend; On the origin and meaning of the Assyrian toponym Tabal; Die Mär vom griechischen und/oder wölfischen Ursprung von Lykiern, Lykaonen, Lukkā und Luwija; A recently discovered Urartian stele dedicated to the god Ua from Avnik/Erzurum in East Turkey; A metal belt in the Orumiyeh museum, Iran; New observations on Urartian quarrying in Lake Van Basin; Achaemenid ceramics from the site Beniamin II (Shirak, Armenia): the end of the 6th to the mid 4th centuries BC

Published: 31/05/2022


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