Settlement patterns in Qatar during the early Islamic period (7th–10th century) — house, mosque, and complex in the North Qatar Region


  • Alexandrine Guérin National Museum of Qatar


Early Islamic period, Habitat, Mosque, Qasr, Complex


This paper presents an ongoing study of selected human occupations during the early Islamic period (seventh–tenth century) in the north-western region of Qatar. Taking into account the excavations at Murwab and Yoghbi, which are our only stratigraphic references in Qatar for this period, this is an examination of the organization of the occupation of territories, from single isolated cells to larger complexes. Through the study of architecture and spatial organization we aim to complement the surface data that has been collected over the past decades, up to the high-resolution kite survey carried out in 2018 by Carter and Stremke (2021). In addition to the houses and villages for which we have a large sample both in excavation and in survey, we have focused on the study of a fort and large complexes whose interpretation and function remain to be defined.


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