KALAM reloaded


  • Ronald Ruzicka


word analyser, Sabaic, translation, KALAM, Ancient South Arabia


The word analyser KALAM for Sabaic is a tool for the automatic detection of the morphological attributes of a Sabaic word, such as stem, conjugation, case, and person. Connected to a computer-based dictionary, it also provides a translation, including prefixes and suffixes such as possessive pronouns and particles. New research work has connected the new system KALAM reloaded to online dictionaries such as the Saba-Web, and has now also been extended to Minaic, Qatabanic, and Hadramitic. The final aim is the automatic translation of sentences of Ancient South Arabian languages. The development work will be supported by using the newly digitized texts of the Glaser collection at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and building up annotated trees in a database in an iterative process, which seeks to improve the algorithms.


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