Vol. 5 (2020)

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Volume 5 is perhaps the richest and most diverse volume of the Journal of Greek Archaeology so far offered to readers. The editors have kept to the journal's core brief to cover all the major periods of Greek Archaeology in a literal sense, with articles from the Neolithic through Greco-Roman times and the Middle Ages and up to the 19th century AD. Geographically, papers range from Sicily through the Aegean to Turkey.

A major novelty is the inclusion of two Colloquia, one on the economics of Greek Protohistoric to Archaic ‘colonisation’ edited by Lieve Donnellan, the second on Byzantine landscape archaeology edited by Effie Athanassopoulos.

Alongside a wealth of period-based papers on settlements, ceramics, lithics and urban infrastructure, the volume also presents a major report on the nature and future of surface survey in Mediterranean lands, a group article – the fruit of some twenty years of twice-yearly conferences by the International Mediterranean Survey Workshop community.

The review section also ranges through prehistory to the recent past, including the historiography of research which includes and extensive and enlightening (but disturbing) review article by Margriet Haagsma on discrimination against female scholars in early 20th century Classical Archaeology.

Published: 13/11/2020

Method and Theory

  • A guide to good practice in Mediterranean surface survey projects

    Peter Attema, John Bintliff, Martijn van Leusen, Philip Bes, Tymon de Haas, Damjan Donev, Wim Jongman, Eva Kaptijn, Victorino Mayoral, Simonetta Menchelli, Marinella Pasquinucci, Steve Rosen, Jesus García Sánchez, Luis Gutierrez Soler, David Stone, Gijs Tol, Frank Vermeulen, Athanasios Vionis

Medieval and Post-Medieval