Vol. 8 (2023): Balkan Archaeology as a Laboratory

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Volume 8 of Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology delves into the vibrant discourse surrounding Balkan Archaeology, presenting a collection of papers and reviews that challenge entrenched paradigms and explore innovative perspectives within the field. Stemming from a session organized at the 28th European Association of Archaeologists meeting in Budapest, the volume interrogates the socio-political contexts that shape archaeological paradigms, particularly within the Balkan region. Highlighting the persistent adherence to conventional interpretations and the slow adoption of new theoretical frameworks, the volume showcases works that critically examine the historical trajectory of Balkan archaeology.

With its diverse range of perspectives, Volume 8 of Ex Novo stimulates critical dialogue and calls for a reevaluation of methodologies and theoretical frameworks, ultimately aiming to deconstruct entrenched paradigms and pave the way for innovative approaches in Balkan Archaeology.

Published: 17/04/2024

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